First of all, welcome to our page! If reading this, surely you can imagine that you’ve made an offer for a new home and it’s been accepted. You’ve contacted our company to complete your home inspection. The much awaited day has came and your same-day home inspection report is ready!

But Now what?

This depends based on whether you are at the inspection.

If you are present, your inspector will walk through the home with you to point out key findings and explain our recommendations. If you aren’t able to attend the inspection then your inspector will text you upon completion, asking you to return a phone call so that we can thoroughly review the inspection, report, and our recommendations.

Once our walkthrough or phone call has just taken place, you will receive the report. Our custom home inspection platform, powered by Spectora, will immediately send you a text and email notification to alert you that your report is available. Next, click the text or email link to our platform (which you’ve already used prior to the inspection day). In your “TO DO” list, select the option to view your report.

Home Inspection Report Notification

Once viewing the report you have the option to view the full report, summary tab, or list of significant defects on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone. We recommend reviewing the full report, but the summary tab quickly notifies you of deficiencies found during our inspection.

We’ve categorized each finding into one of three priority levels.
  • The first and least serious category is maintenance type items. These are coded in blue and are generally as simple as a minor recommendation.
  • Next are marginal defects, which are coded in orange. These are items that you need to be aware of and possibly correct over time, but these are not items that are a flagrant safety violation or major non-functioning item.
  • The third and most serious category are items coded in red. These are Safety Hazards or Non-Functioning major items. Many of these items are not difficult or expensive to correct, so it’s important to make sure you have a complete understanding of the nature of these deficiencies.

What does everything in your home inspection report mean?

Your home inspection report is categorized into 19 different topics. These topics are inspection information, utility shutoff locations, grounds, roof, exterior, kitchen, and bathrooms. We continue with the interior areas & items, laundry area, heating & cooling systems, water heater, plumbing, electrical, attic, roof structure & ventilation, foundation area, moisture & condensation, cracking, settlement & movement, thermal imaging, environmental information, and final information. From the shingles to the foundation, it’s included in your Indianapolis home inspection.

We also have a selection of sample home inspection reports for you to view!

Home Inspection inspected items

In our Home Inspection Report Navigational Menu, you have all of the tools to easily move through your home inspection report.

Home Inspection Report Menu Preview

In both the Full Report and Summary view, each finding is listed by priority level and contractor recommendation type.

You can see that some of these issues are very simple, such as vegetation that need periodic maintenance. Others, such as a rusted water heater can quickly cause damage to the home or a somewhat large repair cost.

Vegetation Against House
Loose Toilet
Rusted Water Heater

What is the Repair Request Builder?

Once you have reviewed the inspection findings and reviewed them with your REALTOR, you have the option to create an inspection response list. Click on the “Report Tools” icon on the top right corner of your inspection report screen. This is available on both the website and mobile app versions. Once you click on “Report Tools”, select “Repair Request Builder”.

All findings listed in the inspection report are populated into the Repair Request Builder. You are able to select individual findings that you want to negotiate on with the seller. Once you select all desired items and entered the appropriate comments/requests, scroll to the top to change the document name and enter any general comments. Once complete, select Preview to view the document. Next, click “Create” to open the distribution menu. You have the option to text or email a link directly to the Repair Request List. You can also view the list and download it as a PDF.

After this, your inspection steps are complete in our system. You will continue to have access in case you wish to revisit our comments. Of course, feel free to contact us with any questions!

One more thing – remember to bookmark this Home Inspection Report Guide so it’s ready when you need it!

Home Inspection Response Repair Request Builder
Toilet Repair Request
Water Heater Credit Request